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Title: flicker flicker flicker
Rating: PG-13ish
Summary: A missing scene from Children's Crusade between Magneto and Tommy
Notes: unbetaed! It's more a ficlet than a full fic. SPOILERS for A:CC through issue 3.

it can come from out of nowhere, hit you when you're safe and warmCollapse )
Title: Therapy Sessions
Rating: NC-17 FOR HORRIBLE HORRIBLE CRACK (PG if you don't mind that kind of thing)
Warnings: Character mutilation, timeline mutilation, and the opinion that canon is for sissies and people who think too much. Also crack is here. I'm going to say it again because the last time I wrote something like this I nearly killed someone with a lollipop. This is pure crack!fic. Unbetaed crackfic.
Summary: Billy is thwarted in his career as a villain but at least the therapy is interesting.

Welcome to the JungleCollapse )
Title: and deadly shades of blue;
Rating: R for dark content
Pairing: Billy/Teddy
Warnings: Definite dark shit lurks here. Highlight: warnings for references to self-harm.
Summary: AUish: what if the Avengers decided to kill Billy sooner? What kind of person does that turn him into?
Notes: Unbetaed because I have no patience. Written while I was on cough syrup (for a cold). I promise guys, comedy will come next fic, so forgive me.

Would you love me still if I were to confess;Collapse )
Title: Baltic
Rating: PG-13 for safety's sake
Pairing: Kate/Eli (and Teddy/Billy in the background)
Summary: Kate gets sent to boarding school. Shenanigans.
Notes: Unbetaed. I blame, as usually attilatehbun but today in a more blatant way than usual. This started out as crack but then evolved a little. Something's wrong with me.

These boots are made for walking;Collapse )
Title: and get him to swap our places
Rating: NC-17, to be on the safe side
Warnings: Dub-con possibly, unorthodox characterization, sheer stupidity on the authors part
Pairing: Billy/OMC....sort of.
Summary: The first day in the world without King Erik Magnus Lensherr.
Notes: House of M AU (I figured it was time for me to write one or something). There is some odd characterization going on here! Takes place sixteen years after House of M, sort of. Honestly I don't even know what's going on this fic took hold and wouldn't let go. Unbetaed.

You wanna hear about the deal I'm making;Collapse )
Title: Day's Work
Rating: PG
Summary: Billy and Kate stumble onto Bubbe Kaplan's secret date. (I suck at summaries)
Notes: Total crack. Disregards Children's Crusade completely. I don't even know what I was on when I wrote it. A huge debt of gratitude to gossamerrain who supported this ridiculous crack without fail. APOLOGIES IF YOU ACTUALLY LIVE IN NEW YORK. unbetaed.

Superheroes don't have days off.Collapse )
Title: The Care and Maintenence of Your Boyfriend; or, Five Times Teddy Took Care of Things and One Time Billy Returned the Favor
Rating: R for mentions of sex
Notes: Potential Inception spoilers (don't look at me that way I need help) and slight slight slight spoilers for A:CC 2. Unbetaed. Written for attilatehbun because it was her birthday and she helps me find cats.

There has never been a time When I didn't want to be your boyfriend;Collapse )
Title: See me
Pairing: Billy/Teddy
Rating: PG-13
Summary: All Billy wants is to be seen.
Warnings: Angst; character death
Notes: AU! Unbetaed, sob. I don't normally write au's, so I'm a touch fidgety. May be part of a series? We'll see.

Cause you can look right through me, walk right by me, and never know I'm there.Collapse )
Title: Moving Down
Rating: PG-13 for antics
Summary: Four points of view on Billy and Tommy's new apartment.
Notes: Future-ish fic, so high chance of retcon lurks here. I apologize to the comm for my recent spate of fics. I'm sure you guys are tired of seeing me post but lately it's been one after another. Also my apologies to anyone who lives in Queens.

Your head is on my stomach now and we're trying so hard not to fall asleepCollapse )
Title: Wonder of Wonders (Miracle of Miracles)
Rating: G
Summary: Passover is a time of joyous celebration.
Warnings: Billy-abuse, crack-y situations, unbetaed. Abuse of a religious holiday that I particularly like.
Notes: I've owed this to hammster for a while; everyone may thank ormery too.

I've had family seders like this, let me tell you...Collapse )